Sunday, September 18, 2011

Posing Tip: Relax Your Arms

Both models and photographers keep asking me for tips on how to pose. The other day, I worked with Vicky Ryan (shown below in her hot "one-kini") to help illustrate my first quick tip: relax your arms!

glamtography model vicky ryan posing in a black lingerie swimsuit in the shower bathtub

  1. You immediately notice that something is off with the first photo on the left. Her arms look awkward and make her look weird in this photo. She is tightening her arms into her body and with the unusual angle, make it look like she has tiny little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms. (Vicky - you now I'm just teasing you :-)

  2.  The center photo looks a little better. Vicky brings her arms out so they at least look the normal size.  However, this pose still looks a little awkward and "posed".  This is because she is posing her arms and mentally telling herself to keep her arms out.

  3. The photo on the far right is perfect.  Vicky relaxed her arms and let them fall into a naturally comfortable position (not all great poses need to be uncomfortable and hurt). This results in the most natural looking photo of the bunch. 

    For extra credit, notice how she also moved the placement of her hands so that one is higher than the other.  This adds more action and dimension to the photo that also contributes to the more pleasing pose. 

Isn't it amazing how just a few inches can make such a big difference (feel free to insert your own "Michael Scott" from the Office joke here). So at your next shoot, relax! and be conscious about your arm placement.

Anyhooooo, I hope you enjoyed my first article on posing. Let me know what posing tricks you have and definitely feel free to ask me any questions you have.  

Thanks for Reading!
Reuben Dixon

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