Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GoPro 3 vs GoPro 3+ Review and Video Still Comparison

There has been a lot of talk about the GoPro 3+ and that it is less sharp than the GoPro 3, etc. I decided to run my own test. I shot footage at a few different frame sizes and frame rates. I haven't gone through everything yet but I did take a close look at the frame rate/size I use most often: 1080p medium at 60fps in cineform mode.  This is basically my go-to setting and what I use when flying my DJI Phantom.

Below you can see a pretty self-explanatory chart. Everything was done in Photoshop based on a still frame taken from the video. Things are divided as follows:

  • GoPro 3 Black vs GoPro 3+ Black
  • 100% versus 200% zoom 
  • "Raw"/cineform out-of-the-camera vs color graded (sharpen and curves)

If it is difficult to figure out which side is the 3 and which side is the 3+, congratulations - you just came to the same conclusion I did.

If you do look closer, there are some very subtle differences that most people (myself included) won't notice or care about. The GoPro 3+ IS a little less sharp than the GoPro 3. Personally, I don't think it is too noticeable even when you zoom in to 200%. White balance seems a little more accurate and less muddy with the GoPro 3+. Also seems like the exposure is up just a tad on the GoPro 3+. Not sure if this is necessarily a good thing if it is across the board because you might get some blown highlights.

View original photo JPEG saved at 100% (ie no compression)

Thanks for Reading!
Reuben Dixon